"The Fake Stars": Ge, Hua and Feng are three stuntmen who have the same faces with Chinese Super Stars: Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse. But they earn little in film shooting. One night, they decide to go to Shenyang to cheat with their faces. On the other hand, Boss Hei of a media company is looking for super stars in his show. 《大咖驾到 The Fake Stars》讲述了歌神、华仔和阿锋是三个长着明星脸(张学友、刘德华、谢霆锋)的替身演员,因生活窘迫,决定到东北沈阳靠脸行骗。总裁黑老板很看好他们,积极筹办“三大天王”大咖演唱会,消息一出三人立即登上娱乐版头条,瞬间美女、粉丝纷至沓来,